Some useful information to operate the observatory:

  • Clear Sky Clock, with forecast sky conditions
  • Weather in the area
  • Times of sunset, sunrise, and moonrise
  • More information about the sky tonight
Clear Sky Clock TODAY, nearby (at Greeley Hill)
All Sky Cam
Groveland Area Weather
NOAA Western US IR Weather
Groveland Area Radar Map
Time of Sunset and Sunrise
Time of Moonrise and Moonset
Phase of the Moon
Sky and Telescope this Week's Sky at a Glance
Tonight's Sky
Earth Sky Visible Tonight
Telescope.com The Night Sky
Harvard & Smithsonian Current Night Sky
JPL Night Sky Planner
What's Up in Tonight's Sky
Astronomy Magazine the Sky Tonight
Starry Night and Space.com the Night Sky
Learn more about the Bortle dark sky scale and light pollution index.
Tuolumne Skies Obs from above