The Bay School

Tuolumne Skies Observatory has entered into a collaboration with The Bay School of San Francisco, an independent high school located in the Presidio of San Francisco. Tuolumne Skies Observatory now welcomes Bay School students taking astronomy classes and members of the Astronomy Club to visit for field trips. During these multi-night field trips to run the observatory hands-on, students image galaxies, comets, and other phenomena, and learn about the night sky and celestial mechanics. They learn the fundamental skills required to operate hardware and software in an observatory. The field trips are assisted by Bay School teachers, and occasionally by astrophysicists from U.C. Berkeley. A goal is to operate the observatory from their Bay School Project Center, through a high-speed data link.

Bay School astronomy teachers and students have added to the technology at Tuolumne Skies Observatory, for a collaborative learning experience that emulates some of the activities that professional astronomers do day-to-day.

Bay School image